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Delphi 2010 & Oracle Database

I need to write a select statement across two tables

Accounts & Master

From the Accounts table, I need to select the Account_Id, Account_Number, Bank_Id, and External_Code

From the Master table, i need to select the Account_String.

The Master's Account_String field matches the Account's Extenal_Code field


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Sounds like a simple join, unless I'm missing something:

SELECT a.Account_Id, a.Account_Number, a.Bank_Id, a.External_Code, m.Account_String 
FROM Accounts a
INNER JOIN Master m ON m.Account_String = a.External_Code
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You want an inner join.

SELECT a.account_id, a.account_number, a.bank_Id, a.external_code, m.account_string
FROM accounts a JOIN master m ON a.external_code = m.account_string
WHERE ...;
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Standard SQL:

select Accounts.Account_id, Accounts.Account_Number, Accounts.Bank_Id,
    Accounts.External_Code, Master.Account_String  
from Accounts, Master
where Accounts.External_Code = Master.Account_String;

Note: You probably don't need both Accounts.External_Code and Master.Account_String in the result, as the query guarantees they are the same.

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