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I am actually trying to connect to a .mdb Database with ODBC per PHP.

On my localhost it works great, but when transferred to my mapped server it isn't anymore. I know, it is a problem of UNC and mapped drives. I already tried




First one throws S1009 as error, the second one S1000. What can I do? It is a System DNS on a Windows Server 2008, ODBC is running, no Access installed.

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When you map drives or use UNC Paths, the files there will be requested in the security context of the webserver. With close to 100% probability the webserver user has no access to the fileshares in your LAN.

Keep it that way amd have the mdb reside on a drive that is local to the webserver, if ever possible.

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Right. I copied the .mdb to the public root of the webserver and made a new dsn to it, works like a charm! – Liam Schnell Dec 29 '11 at 22:07

First, make sure you're using a proper UNC path. For example: \\Computername\Share\test.mdb. StackOverflow might have eaten any double-backslashes you entered, so this may be a moot point.

Second, make sure the share's permissions are set up for whichever account runs the PHP script. This is the cause of most "scripts can't access a share" errors in my experience.

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