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I'm using PHPass to store users passwords in my application because it's more secure than md5 or sha1. I have a question about how I would use a salt with the passwords.

From what I gathered, I use it like this when you insert a user:

$pwdHasher = new PasswordHash(8, false);
$hash = $pwdHasher->HashPassword($input_password);

and then when you check the users details on login, you do:

$pwdHasher = new PasswordHash(8, FALSE);
if ($pwdHasher->CheckPassword($input_password, $hash_from_db)) {
    echo 'password correct';
} else {
    echo 'wrong credentials';

But I see nothing there that uses a salt. From what I've read, my user table should have an extra field for a salt that is used when hashing the password, but the CheckPassword method of PHPass doesn't take a salt?


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I would offcourse tell you to use my library instead. But that would just be wrong. PHPass might create the salt itself, and then store it inside the hash. Just from a quick look at the documentation. – Audun Larsen Dec 29 '11 at 22:59
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Phpass adds a salt when it hashes the password so there's no need to add a separate salt and store it in your database.

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