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I am using Scrapy to crawl

I have a crawl filter definition in my "" file:

rules = (
    # Crawl filters
    Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(deny=settings['DENY_FILTER']), callback='parse_item', follow=True, process_links='process_links'),

settings['DENY_FILTER'] is being pulled from the "" file and no matter how I format it, the crawler will not filter (or "deny") what I'm asking it to. The deny values are as follows:

DENY_FILTER     =   (re.compile('((?!(\?|&)page=(\d)+)\?.*)', re.I), re.compile('/markets/stocks/', re.I), re.compile('/errorpage/', re.I))

I have also tried using an uncompiled version of the Regex to no avail:

DENY_FILTER     =   ('((?!(\?|&)(p|P)age=(\d)+)\?.*)', '/markets/stocks/', '/(e|E)rror(p|P)age/')

I've searched the internet for days and have come up with no answers so now I turn to you StackOverflow. Any ideas?

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Try to pass deny arguments in place

Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(deny=('regexp1', 'regexp2',),...

If your deny rules will work, I think you should access DENY_FILTER defined in as:

DENY_FILTER =  ('regexp1', 'regexp2',)

by writing:

Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(deny=settings.DENY_FILTER), ...

Also, please show process_links function code?

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