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I am using WAMP as my local server and what I want to know is can I use filezilla to transfer my files across from my documents to the WAMP server?

If so how can this be done in filezilla, (what do I need to put in host name and do I need a username or password, I did not set one so do I need to set one and if so how?).

Thank You

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I am guessing that your WAMP server is not the same machine as the one with the My Documents files on it correct? – wescrow Dec 30 '11 at 0:51
No it is on the same computer. If I don't need to file transfer, then how can I use WAMP to access my other php files from the "www" folder? I can only access localhost which shows the index.php file – BruceyBandit Dec 30 '11 at 0:54

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You don't need FileZilla for what you are after. You simply need to move your files from My Documents to the www directory of your Wamp installation. You can then point your URL at that file. So if you have a file foobar.php and drag it into www then you can access it at http://localhost/foobar.php.

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