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For some reason, this works in all major browsers, but not IE (surprise, surprise).

$(function() {
var stickyDiv = $('#js-sticky-wrap'); // div to clone
var clonedCss = 'js-sticky-fix'; // css class with fixed positioning
stickyContainer(stickyDiv, clonedCss);

function stickyContainer(stickyDiv, clonedCss, clonedWidth) {
    if (clonedWidth === undefined) { // use original container width
        var clonedWidth = $(stickyDiv).width();

    var menuTop = stickyDiv.offset().top; // Capture visible content height
    var menuClone = stickyDiv.clone(true).addClass(clonedCss); // Clone current div, apply fixed style
    var dropShadow = $('<div class="js-drop-shadow"></div>').hide();
    // Append dropshadow style

    $(window).bind('scroll', function() {
        var scrollY = window.pageYOffset; // get total px from vertical scroll
        if (scrollY > menuTop) { // they scrolled > than the original offset
            if (menuClone.parent().length === 0) {
        } else {




Example on jsfiddle

Is there a method that just isn't supported with IE that I am using? Can't seem to pin it down, as I'm not getting any errors in developer tools.

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@lostinplace Scroll down in the result box. –  bob_cobb Dec 30 '11 at 2:08

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window.pageYOffset is not supported by IE until version 9. Try using it like this:

var scrollY;
if (typeof(window.pageYOffset) == 'number') {
    scrollY = window.pageYOffset;
else {
    scrollY = document.documentElement.scrollTop;
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this also will not work, replace menuClone.after(stickyDiv.parent()); with menuClone.appendTo(stickyDiv.parent()); –  lostinplace Dec 30 '11 at 2:22
I edited the answer but it is awaiting peer review –  lostinplace Dec 30 '11 at 2:25
Well this certainly helped solve the problem of making it sticky, but of course, IE doesn't let me off easy and it introduced a different problem. Thanks nonetheless to you and @lostinplace. –  bob_cobb Dec 30 '11 at 2:34

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