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I'm referring to something like this in xml format:

<entry name="apple">
    <property name="red" />
    <property name="shiny" />
    <property name="fresh" />
    <property name="ripe" />
    <property name="crunchy" />
<entry name="plum">
    < rinse and repeat > ....

From what I have read on java's "Property" class, it's a very linear approach to creating properties in a Hashtable. It's getProp(K,V). Maybe the best way to do this is with an XML parser? That way I could make the object type "fruit" and traverse through the properties and load them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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"Does java allow for nested properties?" Given Java's XML parsers are compliant with the spec., a better question is "Does XML allow..". – Andrew Thompson Dec 30 '11 at 2:44

No that is not possible. Take a look at the properties DTD:

   Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
<!-- DTD for properties -->
<!ELEMENT properties ( comment?, entry* ) >
<!ATTLIST properties version CDATA #FIXED "1.0">
<!ELEMENT comment (#PCDATA) >
<!ELEMENT entry (#PCDATA) >

However you may create your own DTD and XML document and use Java XML API to parse/read/create it.

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It would not be possible to allow for nested properties. To nest properties, you need to have sub-nodes. This would be achievable if the getProperty method allowed for retrieval of Objects, but it only allows for retrieval of Strings.

Java's Properties object works like this:

Properties -String -String -String

So unless you could communicate the nested property through the String, you can't place one property inside another.

Perhaps you could use the Strings to point to another Properties through a map like a HashTable

Here's what I mean:

Properties a;
HashTable<String, Properties> b;

Object getValue(Properties p, String key){
    String s = p.getProperty(key);
        return b.get(s);
    } else
        return s;
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