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I am having issue on my Apache web server.

I am doing URL forwarding at domain controller control panel. Say our client typing the domain example.com and it will redirect to 123.456.789.10/www (my webserver fix IP address). Our client browser will then shows 123.456.789.10/www on their browser instead of showing example.com.

Is this anything to do to my Apache setting or how to go about it? It looks weird to show my client the IP address instead of the domain name.

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Why don't you use an A record? –  SLaks Dec 30 '11 at 2:56
Do u means configuring DNS A record on domain controller control panel(other party) or at my Windows Server 2003? –  Chris Dec 30 '11 at 3:28
I mean in the domain's DNS registration. You need to understand how DNS works. –  SLaks Dec 30 '11 at 3:30
I am using godaddy. I saw it on DNS Manager - CName.Currently under www it point to @ –  Chris Dec 30 '11 at 3:53
Or A Hosts @ Points to my server IP address? Then remove the URL Forwarding? –  Chris Dec 30 '11 at 3:55

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You should set an A record in your DNS registration to point the root domain name (@) to your IP address.
(and probably a similar A record for the www host)

You may need to configure the web server to respond to that hostname.

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Thanks. It works. Now I am looking into the configuration of apache server. Coz I have few domain hosts in my apache webserver –  Chris Dec 30 '11 at 4:18
I need to configure Virtual host under Apache configuration file right? Let me know if I am on the right track. THanks! –  Chris Dec 30 '11 at 4:25
Correct​​​​​​​​. I've never used Apache, so I can't help you there. –  SLaks Dec 30 '11 at 13:10

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