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So I want to first execute a bunch of code, and then ask the user if he wants to do that again. I thought the most convenient way to do this would be a do-while loop like in C++, and since I couldn't seem to find any do-while functions in Clojure, I wrote the following:

(defmacro do-while
  "Executes body before testing for truth expression"
  [test & body]
  `(do (do ~@body) (while ~test ~@body)))

Would there be a better (as in more idiomatic Clojure-ish) way of writing this macro, or perhaps a better way of doing what I want without going through the do-while route?

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Here is a slightly changed version of Clojure's while macro, where the test is done after evaluating the body:

(defmacro do-while
  [test & body]
  `(loop []
     (when ~test
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