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I have the following code:

var xDoc = new XmlDocument();
var docNode = xDoc.CreateElement("Document");

Which generates the following XML:


On the other side, I have a method that returns an array of XmlElements, the main idea is to insert those elements as children of the previous Document element created.

var childNodes = GetNodes(); //this method returns XmlElement[]

Now the question: is there a way to directly assign all the items or the array XmlElement[] as children of the node without looping through the array?, I mean something like this:

docNode.Children(childNodes); //THIS IS NOT WORKING, JUST GUESSING

Language: C# 4.0

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Seems like there's no direct way to do this, so I did this:

var xDoc = new XmlDocument();
var docNode = xDoc.CreateElement("Document");
foreach (var element in returnDocumentData)
    if (docNode.OwnerDocument != null)
        //need to import the element because it's being generated from a
        //different xmlDocument context
        var importElement = docNode.OwnerDocument.ImportNode(element, true);

Hope it helps somebody too.

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