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I am trying to get involved with programming accessories to interface with either Android or iOS devices. I'm a programmer with no computer engineering / electrical engineering background and am at a loss as to how to begin.

Ultimately I want to build something like this: an ECG for the iPhone or Android. What is he attaching to the iPhone? Does it connect via wifi? What type of device is it? What kind of background do I need? How do I start? Any pointers appreciated it!

I understand that things like Arduino exist that can interface with Android, but I'm not sure if that's the correct direction to go in.

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That is a proprietary hardware probably using near field communication - it will be difficult to develop an electronic hardware without learning basic electronics. To start with you can get a IOIO for Android which will let you interface your phone to external hardware. It is similar to Arduin0/Amarino, but you will be at ease with it if you already know Java. As far as electronics you can start learning that as well.

Check the official docs to know more about IOIO.

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