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I have created my Crystal Reports using SQL query in Crystal Reports itself, by passing two parameters, i.e, say for eg:- Month & Year.

While I preview the report, I can able to navigate through all pages by passing different parameters and its working fine, but while viewing the report through browser I can't able to view the current report instead is loads the previously generated report, but while I manually make refresh the crystal page in toolbar I can see the current report, even I can't navigate the current report.

Can anyone help me on this?

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Try checking the 'Discard Saved Data When Loading Reports' option.

Should be able to find it here: Right Click/Design/Default Settings/Reporting/Discard Saved Data When Loading Reports

Not sure if that will fix your problem or not but definitely worth a try.

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go to file> save data with report.......

I think it will help you

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