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Let's say I have a string:


Is there a regex or a function that will work as follows?

    1)"cat"       return string ->"mouse,dog,horse"
    2)"mouse"     return string ->"cat,dog,horse"
    3)"dog"       return string ->"cat,mouse,horse"
    4)"horse"     return string ->"cat,mouse,dog"

I need to eliminate the selected item from the string and return the remaining parts of the string.

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You mean a function that removes a certain element? Try this:

function removeFromString($str, $item) {
    $parts = explode(',', $str);

    while(($i = array_search($item, $parts)) !== false) {

    return implode(',', $parts);


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Hey, thanks a lot man !!!! and thanks for the introduction to –  dinchakpianist Dec 30 '11 at 6:06

It's as simple as exploding the string (str_getcsv) and then removing the searched term. If you have an array, then array_diff makes it very simple:

 return array_diff(str_getcsv($list), array($search));
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This would be my preferred solution although note that str_getcsv is PHP5.3+ only. If the OP is using shared hosting, there are still many hosing companies that are still running PHP5.2. –  liquorvicar Dec 30 '11 at 12:57
@liquorvicar: That's only a small obstacle. I'm suffering from a 5.2 host myself, but PHP_Compat and upgradephp pretty much solve the issue. Some of the userland emulations even outdo the native functions, so it's sometimes beneficial to run 5.3 functions on a 5.2 server ;) –  mario Dec 30 '11 at 13:52

Working demo.

This converts both string inputs to arrays, using explode() for the list. Then you just do array_diff() to output what's in the second array but not the first. Finally we implode() everything back into CSV format.

$input = 'cat';
$list = 'cat,mouse,dog,horse';

$array1 = Array($input);
$array2 = explode(',', $list);
$array3 = array_diff($array2, $array1);

$output = implode(',', $array3);
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