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I want to pass some text in my text field textbox and it should be passed from a CSV file which contains the multiple text.

But I find it much more difficult as I am not able to import the CSV file, so please help me with some example.

hope I made my question clear if not please let me know.

thanks, regards, Aman Khan.

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Here is a very basic loading of a CSV file and setting the Google search box to each value from the CSV file. I found the csvParse method via a search for C# read CSV http://www.switchonthecode.com/tutorials/building-a-simple-csv-parser-in-csharp

Note that the google text box might not be the best for this example due to all the ajax-y calls.

Basic idea is read the CSV, returning a List of String arrays. Iterate through the list and through the arrays, setting the textbox to each array value.

public void CSVtest()
    IE myIE = new IE();

    List<string[]> myCSVContents = parseCSV(@"C:\myCSVfile.csv");

    foreach (var currentCSVRow in myCSVContents)
        foreach (var currentCSVvalue in currentCSVRow)

public List<string[]> parseCSV(string path)
    List<string[]> parsedData = new List<string[]>();

    using (StreamReader readFile = new StreamReader(path))
        string line;
        string[] row;

        while ((line = readFile.ReadLine()) != null)
            row = line.Split(',');

    return parsedData;

Using NUnit, WatiN2.1 and IE9 the code works like a champ. Other than google out-search AJax-y calls.

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