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Is there any way to know programmatically user is running Appstore version or developer version? Any help will be really appreciated.

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If you only need to differ between a debug version deployed from Xcode and a release build (ad-hoc or AppStore) you can use the mentioned method of adding a preprocessor macro. Select your target and select build settings, search for Preprocessor Macros, under Debugyou can add e.g. DEBUG=1. In your code you can have functionality conditionally compiled by doing something like this:

#ifdef DEBUG
[self enableDebugMode];
[self enableReleaseMode];
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You don't need to set DEBUG=1 Xcode 4 sets this for the Debug configuration automatically, and has DEBUG=0 for the Release configuration. –  Abizern Jun 29 '12 at 9:20

The only difference b/w dev build and app store build is the certificate used to Sign it.

And that can't be obtained programmatically. Instead you can Add a Preprocessor value for the scheme to differentiate it.

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