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Hi all i need a regex that accepts first letter as character and the remaining should be digits.

Even spacing is not allowed too..

Possible cases : a123, abc123, xyz123 and so on ...
Unacceptable : 123abc,1abc12, a 123 and so on..

i tried some think like this but i am not sure this works so can any one help me..

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matches one or more ASCII letters, followed by one or more ASCII digits. If digits are optional, use [0-9]* instead.

If you want to also allow other letters/digits than just ASCII, use

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you probably need this:

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How about this expression [A-Za-z]\w*

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This allows abc123abc. –  Tim Pietzcker Dec 30 '11 at 8:27


But as you mentioned, possible cases should be: a123, b321, z4213213, but not abc123. Right?

So regExp shoud be [A-Z]|[a-z]\d{1,} .

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You could just have the grouping as [A-Za-z] rather than adding the | part. –  Skuld Dec 30 '11 at 8:59

I would highly recommend you do not limit yourself to ASCII as most of the other answers for this question do.

Using character classes, which I recommend, you should use:


See the reference for ^ and $.

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