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I'm a bit confused by the viewport mets tag, for use in mobile devices:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=1024, initial-scale=1.4, maximum-scale-1.6, minimum-scale=0.25"/>

What does this thing mean? I mean, I get what a view port is... it is a magical hole that you can look at a fixed-size object with. And I get that you might want to give the hole a width, because then you can determine how much of the fixed-size image you can see at a time.

But why also give it an initial scale? What is the point? Why not just set the viewport to whatever value you want it to be? What does the initial-scale add?

Also, what do the max and min values add? Why wouldn't i want the user to be able to scale as they see fit (assuming i don't disable the scaling with the 'user-scalabe=no' optional entry)?

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As per Apple, you do not need to explicitly set the viewport width...If you just specify an initial-scale of 1, Safari assumes width=device-width in portrait mode...

The scale just controls the zoom level of the page...If you have designed your site for a particular fixed width/height, you might not want the user to be able to zoom in or out..

You can checkout the following links for more info


Do remember that viewport mainly affects the mobile browsers only..

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This doesn't quite answer the question - why would i ever use the initial-scale value? I can control if they can scale with one of the viewport attributes, and i can control how much they can zoom in or out with another two - but i don't know why anyone is setting initial-scale –  bharal Jan 12 '12 at 18:09

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