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I am working on an existing project, in which the page.aspx file has a structure something like this:

<%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="NameSpaceOnCodeFile" 
    Strict="True" Debug="True" %>

When I build it, it gives me error the Could Not Load Type NameSpaceOnCodeFile.

code files are in separate directory (source/) i.e

namespace NameSpaceOnCodeFile
    /// <summary>
    /// Summary description for Projcetaname.
    /// </summary>
    public class GuestBook : Proj.Web.Core.Page.BaseBase

        protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.PlaceHolder abcBook;
        protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataList dbcBook;


Can anyone help me how to build/run this website. I don't understand the structure

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First of all, you need to check if your "project" is a compiled version or not.

As you say you have files under /source that could be the source and what you say that's the project, could be only the deployable version that uses the server code in a compiled .dll inside the bin folder.

If you check that this is not the case, then you are missing a directive that shows the external code file


so your .aspx page directive should look like

<%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="NameSpaceOnCodeFile" 
    CodeFile="Source/GuestBook.aspx.cs" Strict="True" Debug="True" %>

unless you have the HTML and Server code in the same document... do you?

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Thank you balexandre, it doesn't have dllz in bin, and i don't miss anything in page directive, actually i have this project from one of my clients, and he wants some upgradations. –  Lucky Luck Dec 30 '11 at 10:04

At the top of your GuestBook.aspx, you will see <%@ Page instructor. Assign your code file path to the CodeBehind attribute.

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Thanks ojlavecd,i have already tried this approach but it doesn't work. –  Lucky Luck Dec 30 '11 at 10:05

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