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Is there any time trace web application?

I want use it as a tool for monitor my program productivity.(I mean, how many hours I spend on a project)

edit: I once notice there is one (like a web twitter with time trace), but I forgot its name.

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If personal time tracking is what you're after, check out Kimai.

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On the other hand if your question is about measuring the response time of your web application, there are other proxy recorders than Firebug: SST Trace Plus and Fiddler come to mind. Fiddler is open source and you can write plug-ins for it.

If you are serious about measuring response time, you want to do it at very high loads though, to find the breaking points of your system/application. There are no good free tools, and most people use HP's LoadRunner (for large functional tests) or Spirent's Avalanche (for very high loads).

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Do you mean a tool to monitor you time as a developer or a tool to monitor how quickly your program responds?

If you want to track your own time, try base camp (

If you want to monitor the performance of an app then @RichieHindle's suggestion (Firebug; answer now deleted) is a good one.

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RescueTime Solo?

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