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I want to refresh my DataGrid after insertion of a new record. I tried binding the DataGrid again with new source:


but that doesn't seem to help.

Tried dgr_Datagrid.reload(True) as well, but failed again. I checked the ItemSource of the DataGrid after binding and found the new row added into it, but that doesn't seem to reflect in the DataGrid.

Is there any way I can reflect the changes in the DataGrid??

(I'm using Silverlight 4.)

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Private Void bind()
     //Bind Grid Here

After insertion call Bind();

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I recently ran into the same thing... I had to explicitly do


A data grid is never actually bound directly to a datatable, but instead, the defaultView OF a datatable. Since the new record is added to the table, the already bound view doesn't know about it. To flush the changes of the new record and flush anything attached to the defaultView, you need to do AcceptChanges() to the table. This rebuilds the bound control.

Now my problem lies in setting focus to the newly created record of the now refreshed grid...

Another option I ran into from other research was to force refresh of the items via...

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