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IIS7 is built ASP.NET MVC3 site (assuming the domain name www.abd.com), now the site of which has a static file --- Index. Htm, IIS7 which is the default document settings Index.htm, but each time visit www.abc.com or MVC3 access program, rather than static documents. Do not know how to set IIS7 to access a static file, rather than go MVC3 procedures? Premise is not to modify the MVC routing and procedures. In other words, no matter how I change the MVC program, this will not affect access to static files.

The problem is this, we use the iis7, mvc3 build the site (eg www.abc.com). There is now a static file in the root of the site (eg Index.htm), which I set the default document in iis for the static files (that is, when will visit www.abc.com to access the static files), but fails, that is, the request will still go to visit mvc default controller and action.

So we made an attempt at a new site which only put a static file, and then set the default document, this case is direct access to the iis static file, but the mvc process (the simplest mvc procedures, routing, and procedures are the default) which deployed to the site, the default document becomes ineffective. We now want to request direct access to the default document, rather than to request the set of things mvc, mvc does not go the route. How can I do this?

We can be sure that we are able to access the iis static file, such as www.abc.com/index.htm normal access, we now specify the default document iis as index.htm, but when the time they visit www.abc.com not access the index.htm, but to visit mvc program.

We tried to modify what mvc routing, while feasible, but we do not want to do. Iis wanted direct access to this static file.

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If your problem is that IIS cannot server static files make sure the 'static content' feature is installed in IIS.

You can check and/or enable it by going into control panel

Program and Features > IIS > WWW serveice> Common Http Features > Static content

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Thank for you answer, but that's not I need. I describe what the problem again, could you look at. Thanks –  willmeng Dec 31 '11 at 2:57

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