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I have a sql query which extract a field of datatype smalldatetime. I read this field using datareader, convert it to string and store it in a string variable.

I get the string as 1/1/2012 12:00:00 AM ,here i want to use only date part of this string and i have nothing to do with the time.

How can i cut only the date from the string and get the output as 1/1/2012?

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You may convert string to date type using Date.Parse() and use ToShortDateString()

Dim dt as Date = Date.Parse(dateString)
Dim dateString=dt.ToShortDateString()

As you said the type of field is smalldatetime then use DataReader.GetDateTime(column_ordinal).ToString("d") method or DataReader.GetDateTime(column_ordinal).ToShortDateString()

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You need to format the DateTime using a format string for only dates.

string dateString = myDate.ToString("d");

This is equivalent to:

string dateString = myDate.ToShortDateString();
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