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During generic save action of morphia model using CRUD interface I recieve following error:

Oops: NullPointerException An unexpected error occured caused by exception NullPointerException: null

play.exceptions.UnexpectedException: Unexpected Error at play.modules.morphia.Model.edit(Model.java:219) at play.modules.morphia.MorphiaPlugin.bind(MorphiaPlugin.java:607) ...

I've found that similiar error was in version 1.2.4a and was fixed in 1.2.4b. I downoladed the latest version of morphia. On app start I recieve followind log:

12:18:59,036 INFO ~ Module morphia is available (C:\play-1.2.4\samples-and-tests\test1\modules\ morphia-1.2.4b )

12:18:59,037 INFO ~ Module secure is available (C:\play-1.2.4\modules\secure)

12:18:59,978 WARN ~ You're running Play! in DEV mode

12:19:00,110 INFO ~ Listening for HTTP on port 9000 (Waiting a first request to start) ...

12:19:11,680 INFO ~ Connected to jdbc:mysql://localhost/test1?useUnicode=yes&characterEncoding=UTF-8&connectionCollation=utf8_general_ci

12:19:14,869 INFO ~ MorphiaPlugin-1.2.4a> initialized

So, now I can't understad what version of morphia I actually use and can't understand how to fix the error.

Please, advice me something about my issue.

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I got the problem, in this day morphia doesn't work with play 1.2.4 crud module. You have to rollback to 1.2.3.

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