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As you see in the picture above, billy, our little orange dressed man, is going off the screen to the left and appearing on the right side.

This is what I want to happen, however, I can't seem to replicate this effect (I got the picture with some modifications in Paint.net).

Basically, if the players x position is negative, it should wrap to the other side. If the x is larger than the width, it should wrap over to the left side.


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I've asked this exact question at the gamedev section before, and got a great answer. –  David Gouveia Dec 30 '11 at 12:14
Also bear in mind that the solution I linked is for a general wrapping behavior in every direction, which is a lot more complex. If you only need horizontal wrapping, you can simplify the process a lot. Or you could just draw your character three times, with a screen-width offset between them. –  David Gouveia Dec 30 '11 at 12:18

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Draw it two times when you need it.

 void Draw(SpriteBacth batch)
      batch.Draw(Player.texture, Player.Position, player.Source, player.Color);

      if (Player.X <0)
           bacth.Draw(Player.texture, Player.Position + ScreenHorizontalSize, player.Source, Player.Color);
      else if (Player.X + Player.Size.Width> ScreenHorizontalSize.Width)
           bacth.Draw(Player.texture, Player.Position - ScreenHorizontalSize, player.Source, Player.Color);

  void Update()
      if (Player.X < -Player.Size.Width) Player.X += ScreenHorizontalSize.Width;
      if (Player.X > ScreenHorizontalSize.Width) Player.X -= ScreenHorizontalSize.Width;

Of course you have to take in mind this when you check for colliding with player, you will have to check in the two positions too.

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