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I have installed the rails3-jquery-autocomplete gem and its shownin the list of gems. I have generated the autocomplete-rails.js file and included it in my layout. I am trying to implement auto complete field for the users table on the names field. I am getting an error saying

"undefined local variable or method `autocomplete' for #<#<Class:0xb709ac24>:0xb7099a7c>"

Please let me know where I had went wrong.


class ReleasesController < AuthorizedController
  # GET /releases
  # GET /releases.xml
    autocomplete :users, :name 

def new 
    @release =
       respond_to do |format|
      format.html # new.html.erb
      format.xml  { render :xml => @release }

My view file:

= form.autocomplete_field_tag 'tester_name', :data-autocomplete=>"releases_autocomplete_users_name_path" 

my routes file:

get 'releases/autocomplete_users_name' 


ActionView::Template::Error (undefined local variable or method `autocomplete' for #<#<Class:0xb71cc1d8>:0xb71caa90>):
        37:             -puts "testers=#{@testers}"
        38:             = form.label :tester_tokens, "Testers"
        39:             = form.text_field :tester_tokens
        40:             = autocomplete_field_tag 'tester_name', :data-autocomplete=>"releases_autocomplete_users_name_path"
        41:             - @testers.each do |tester|
        42:               %tr
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please update your route file this may be help you, as it is working for me:

resources :releases do
    get :autocomplete_user_name, :on => :collection


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Maybe don't use tag, as in the rails3-jquery-autocomplete page.


form.autocomplete_field :tester_name, autocomplete_tester_name_releases_path

I think you should also create a virtual field on releases model if you want to use :tester_name.

if you want to grab the id, then you can create a hidden field and add :id_element => '#some_element' to the autocomplete helper

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