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In my GWT-Application I have a Custom-Table with a DatePicker-Column. Now I have to set the z-index for the Popup. I did this in my form with:

.dateBoxPopup {

Is there an equivalent for the Cell-Popup like .DatePickerCellPopup?

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Are you refering to the DatePickerCell in the CellWidgets?

In case you are: The DatePickerCell uses a DatePicker and the DatePicker uses following CSS classes for styling (use Firebug to check them):

  • .gwt-DatePicker { }
  • .datePickerMonthSelector { the month selector widget }
  • .datePickerMonth { the month in the month selector widget }
  • .datePickerPreviousButton { the previous month button }
  • .datePickerNextButton { the next month button }
  • .datePickerDays { the portion of the picker that shows the days }
  • .datePickerWeekdayLabel { the label over weekdays }
  • .datePickerWeekendLabel { the label over weekends }
  • .datePickerDay { a single day }
  • .datePickerDayIsToday { today's date }
  • .datePickerDayIsWeekend { a weekend day }
  • .datePickerDayIsFiller { a day in another month }
  • .datePickerDayIsValue { the selected day }
  • .datePickerDayIsDisabled { a disabled day }
  • .datePickerDayIsHighlighted { the currently highlighted day }
  • .datePickerDayIsValueAndHighlighted { the highlighted day if it is also selected }

You have to specify these css classes with the @external tag to suppress selector obfuscation

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Thank you for your Answer, but it does not solve my Problem. I Have a main.css and a Table.css with `.dateBoxPopup { z-index:2000; } .gwt-DatePicker { border: 1px solid #ccc; border-top:1px solid #999; cursor: default; z-index:5000; }´ –  bembii Dec 30 '11 at 16:39
@tobvio: I recommend to use Firebug or Chrome's Developer Tools (Inspect Element) to check the actual css. –  Ümit Dec 30 '11 at 17:18

Unfortunately .dateBoxPopup is not applied to the popup of DatePickerCell. Therefore, you need a z-index rule for .gwt-PopupPanel{ z-index: 15000 }

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