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I am unable to find following screen in the in-app purchase.

Do I need to approve my app for in-app purchase ?

Below screen is from the iTunesConnectHelp.pdf enter image description here

Whereas I am getting following screen in itunes connect.

So I am unable to make my inapp purchase's submit for review.

Where do I navigate to get the Submit for Review option?

enter image description here

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did you read the notice in your screenshoot?

"The first In-App Purchase for an app ..."

So, try first to submit your app!

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I have already submitted app but still i am not getting that option. –  Devang Dec 31 '11 at 5:04
by submit you mean : Waiting for Upload or Waiting for review ? –  Devang Dec 31 '11 at 5:10
Do I need to approve my app? –  Devang Dec 31 '11 at 6:10

With your in-app purchase added to the list, Reject you actual binary if any, then click on ready to upload, then upload you binary and that should start the review process. let me know if you need further help!

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I have already uploaded binary but it is also asking for ready to upload for in-app purchase. Where I am unable to find Submit for Review option. –  Devang Dec 31 '11 at 6:30

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