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I'd like to add service test in JBPM-5 using BPMN-2.0 using only XML syntax. I want that service task to have an input and output parameters of some Java type.
Lets say I created mypackage.MyCustomTaskWorkItemHandler for my service task and registered it in corresponding WorkItemManager like MyCustomTask.
Now I'd like to describe a call of this service task in BPMN XML file.

<serviceTask id="myCustomTask1" ... implementation=??? operationRef=???>
    <!-- incoming,outgoing,etc -->

Tag serviceTask is from namespace. How exacty should I specify input and output parameters for it?

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This is an example: You do the ioSpecification in the same way that you do it for a UserTask. jBPM5 will look in the tns:taskName="Start Procedure" to match with your WorkItemHandler registered name. In my case I've registered a "Start Procedure" workItemHandler. I've extracted this example code from the Emergency Services Application ->

For this process: Happy new year! Cheers

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what will be the way to use service task ; if XML following bpmn standard (means does not contain tns:taskName="Start Procedure") – hiddenuser Dec 3 '13 at 15:58

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