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I want to disassemble the last few instructions of a Native API in Windbg. How do I go about doing this?

For instance, I am in Kernel Mode in Windbg and want to disassemble the last few instructions of the KiSystemService API, how do I do that?

Also, if there is a way to view the size of the API, it would be possible to view the last instruction.

u nt!KiSystemService

Gives me around 10 Lines of assembly language code.

u nt!KiSystemService L100

This will show me more code of the System Service Dispatch routine. But my objective is to view the last few instructions.


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uf nt!KiSystemService

will try to disassemble just the function.

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on x86 .fnent will show function size / no of param it takes / no of locals size of prolog and offset start of function if the no function does not have chunks due to optimizations) you can simply start disassembling at ( offset start + size - X)

lkd> .fnent nt!NtCreateProcessEx Debugger function entry 00ca5b70 for: (805c73ea) nt!NtCreateProcessEx | (805c7476) nt!PsCreateSystemProcess Exact matches: nt!NtCreateProcessEx =

OffStart: 000f03ea ProcSize: 0x86 Prologue: 0xc Params: 0n9 (0x24 bytes) Locals: 0n7 (0x1c bytes) Non-FPO

on x64 FPO_DATA is not available instead IMAGE_FUNCTIOn_ENTRY will be returned by .fnent you may need to look at the UnWind Inforamtion to get the details

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