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On a page I have a working lightbox which i declare like so

<a href="#mb_inline" rel="lightbox[inline 360 180]" title="">inline content »</a>
<div id="mb_inline" style="display: none;">
    <span style="color: #999999; text-align: center;">This is an example of content that was hidden on the page, and opened in Mediabox using an anchor link.<br/><br/>
    <a href="" onclick="Mediabox.close();return false;">close onClick »</a></span>

When i click the link the url is unchanged and the lightbox opens fine. When I generate these links from mootools inject ie

var ss = $('holderdiv');
    $e('div', {
       'id': 'mb_inline_' + eRow.toString() + '_' + eCol.toString(),
       'style': 'display:none',
        'children': [
         $e('span', {'id': 'span_' + eRow.toString() + '_' + eCol.toString()}),
         $e('img', {'src': input[i % (input.length)].MediaItemPath.toString(), 'title': 'popacular'})


    var dd = $('linkholder');
      $e('a', {
      'title': '',
      'rel': 'lightbox[inline 360 180]',
      'href': '#mb_inline_' + eRow.toString() + '_' + eCol.toString(),
      'text': 'test'}).inject(dd);

The generated links have the same format ie

<a title="" rel="lightbox[inline 360 180]" href="#mb_inline_0_-1">test</a>

<div id="mb_inline_0_-1" style="display: none;">
 <span id="span_0_-1"></span>
 <img src="/media/276/3.jpg" title="popacular">

However when I click on these links the lightbox is not created - but the url is appended with the target eg  instead of

Firebug doesnt report any errors and its same behavior cross browser. Can anyone see what the issue might be?

Many thanks


Thanks for your assistance. Happy to mark your answer - I'm interested that you don't feel the plugin is written well so I might have to look for a better lightbox. Anyway using Event Delegation as suggested this did the trick

$$('div.tile a').each
.addEvent('click:relay(a)', function(e){
e.stop();'#mb_inline', 'javascript trigger', '360 180');
return false;


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you need to use event delegation - check - keep in mind this needs to go inside the lightbox and be used as a single event attached to a parent container that matches [rel=lightbox] and that delegation is only in mootools-core since 1.4 - before it was in mootools-more. –  Dimitar Christoff Dec 30 '11 at 15:23
What lightbox are you using? I can post complete delegation code. You will most likely need to manually fire the lightbox inside the delegated click event. – Dec 30 '11 at 21:57
Thanks for the response! The lightbox I'm trying to use is this one here - and the mootools version im using is 1.4.1 core&more –  MikeW Dec 30 '11 at 22:43
this is a weirdly written plugin that does not really use mootools like you'd expect (classes etc) - it's function-based dom coding. anyway -… - you may have to call that fn when you add a new link - which is wasteful - but it's really not that flexible so you have little other options when he's done it via element prototypes –  Dimitar Christoff Dec 31 '11 at 15:58

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