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Making an asynchronous request with Wininet, when the status callback function is called with INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE, I get the http status code.

result = HttpQueryInfo(

The status code returned is 200. After that, I call InternetReadFile().

result = InternetReadFile(
    ((char*)(this->buffer)) + this->totalBytesReceived,
    this->bufferSize - this->totalBytesReceived,

this->totalBytesReceived += bytesRead;

It returns true and sets lpNumberOfBytesRead to zero. GetLastError() returns ERROR_IO_PENDING, then I wait the callback function is called again with INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE.

When that occurs, InternetReadFile() returns true and again sets lpNumberOfBytesRead to zero.

If I debug the application, I can see after the first InternetReadFile() that the response data is already on the lpBuffer. Moreover, if I call Sleep() for one second before InternetReadFile(), InternetReadFile() works correctly.


result = InternetReadFile( ...

Am I missing any step?

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So there's an InternetSetStatusCallback() somewhere in your code? And the actual InternetReadFile() call that misbehaves is not the one you posted? Hard to diagnose invisible code. –  Hans Passant Dec 30 '11 at 14:53
@HansPasant Yes, the InternetReadFile() that shows the wrong behavior is the one posted. Do you think I should post any other part of the code? –  kiewic Dec 30 '11 at 16:04

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I've encountered similar problem, and still the same even using Sleep(1000). I was connecting to a 3rd party camera stream, I've tried it on debug version, which worked perfectly. But when I went back to release version, it just wouldn't work.

I fixed it by changing HttpOpenRequest's lplpszAcceptTypes to NULL, then everything started working to work.

Seems like when WinINet dealing with internet connection, with different type of mobile phone / os /debug or release binary version/ have some kind of different operation which we can not possibly know.

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