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I have the caption parameter set in the jqGrid definition. I want to know if there's a way to set it dynamically depending on the class attribute of the table element to which the jqGrid plugin is attached.


<table id="myjqgrid" class="view"></table>
<div id="Pager"></div>


<table id="myjqgrid" class="edit"></table>
<div id="Pager"></div>

JQGrid Definition

    caption: ""     // this is what I want to set dynamically
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You can use setCaption method to set new caption on the grid:

var $grid = $('#myjqgrid');
$grid.jqGrid('setCaption', 'newCaption');

If you need to set the caption depend on the class of the <table> element the code can be like the following

if ($grid.hasClass('edit')) {
    $grid.jqGrid('setCaption', 'Edit Caption');
} else if ($grid.hasClass('vew')) {
    $grid.jqGrid('setCaption', 'View Caption');
} else {
    $grid.jqGrid('setCaption', 'Default Caption');

The only thing which you can't do with respect of setCaption method is to remove (to hide) the caption: the results which you have if you created grid without caption parameter (or with caption: ""). To remove (to hide) the caption you can do

$(">div.ui-jqgrid-titlebar", $grid.closest('div.ui-jqgrid-view')).hide();



(see the answer for details).

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