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I typically use Git Extensions more than command-line git on windows. Does Git Extensions have a way to delete or move a repo that I cloned, or do I have to do this elsewhere?

Related question: is there a way to cleanup (i.e. remove entries from) the recent repository list in Git Extensions? (including the list in the "Change working directory" drop down)

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It doesn't appear that Git Extensions has any of the things I requested, unless someone knows otherwise. So I just moved the directory on the file system (since Git repos are self-contained dirs) then opened the new location in GitExt which works fine. –  Cincinnati Joe Jan 12 '12 at 13:13
Answer to the related question: In the current version of Git Extensions (2.47.3), the drop down for selecting from recent repositories also contains an option to "Configure this menu". Select that and there will be lists on the right of recent repos. Right-click on a particular repo in the list and there is an option to "Remove from recent repositories". That seems to do the trick. –  Cincinnati Joe Mar 5 at 16:47
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Maybe you can right click on the repository you want to delete from recent repositories list and then click on delete in the UI.

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Kind of hard to do when there's 100's of them. –  Geoist Nov 7 '13 at 3:06
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Recent repositories are stored in the registry at


Edit or delete that key

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I found the registry key and see what you mean about modifying it. Seems like that would work but it's not really something I'd want to do on an ongoing basis. So thanks though I'm not sure I'll use it :) –  Cincinnati Joe Mar 6 '12 at 15:10
I didn't have the second GitExtensions folder (Windows 8, Git Extensions 2.47.3), so this did not work for me. –  adamdport Jan 10 at 15:53
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try edit C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\GitExtensions\GitExtensions\GitExtensions.settings


<string>history remote</string>

delete something in Repositories

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Thanks, but I think I found a better way - your answer prompted me to revisit this issue with the latest version and it appears they've addressed this. –  Cincinnati Joe Mar 5 at 16:43
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