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In my application I have a rich text-box.I use that as a text editor. I can change font,size, style when I needed. now my problem is I want to find out font-name,size, text-color of each character ? i,e i want to retrieve every character's font-name,size, text-color after editing is done.

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You can use the SelectionFont property to retrieve the font of the currently selected text. Similarly, you can use the SelectionColor property.

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Never done this personally and no time to test at the moment but this forum here: http://www.groupsrv.com/dotnet/about32907.html may have your solution. Perhaps something like mentioned in the post:

for (int iCurChar = lastChar; iCurChar
richTextBox1.Text.Length; iCurChar++)
char CurrChar = richTextBox1.Text[iCurChar];
Color CurrColor = richTextBox1.SelectionColor;
Font CurrFont = richTextBox1.SelectionFont;
float fontSize = CurrFont.Size 

Taking a look at the Font class may be useful as well: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.drawing.font.aspx

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