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It seems most apps are writing custom logic to sync/replicate cloud data, or using a platform locked service like iCloud.

What cross platform data sync solutions are out there besides roll your own? By "solution" I mean well tested combinations of server and client components.

The two I know of are:

  • CouchBase Mobile (CouchDB on server, CouchDB on device)
  • Microsoft Sync Framework (SQL Server on server, SQLite on device)

I know these are quite different data stores, but any data solution that is generalized for many problem types could potentially reduce some wheel reinventing. For example I may need NoSQL for one app and relational for another.

Any other options besides these two?

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Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio has UltraLite database as a part.
This database has versions running on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and lets you synchronize through HTTP/HTTPS

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