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Sorry if I am wrong but I am trying to compile the libpcap for Android with NDK. Finally, I get this error:

in grammar.y we can see :

#ifndef YYBISON
int yyparse(void);

   return (yyparse());

=> pcap_parse is defined if YYBISON is not defined

BUT in gencode.c, we have (line 342)

lex_init(buf ? buf : "");

AND in gencode.h (line 299)

struct bpf_insn *icode_to_fcode(struct block *, int *);
int pcap_parse(void);
void lex_init(char *);
void lex_cleanup(void);

=> pcap_parse if used without any test case !! Result is a libpcap wrong if YYBISON is defined (undedefined function pcap_parse)

Where is my error?

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What are the contents of the config.log file in the source directory in which you're building libpcap? If you have Bison, the Makefile should be generating grammar.c with bison -y -p pcap_, which should cause grammar.c to directly define pcap_parse(), so that the pcap_parse() wrapper isn't necessary. Somehow, that's not happening. –  Guy Harris Jan 1 '12 at 2:38

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the solution was really easy. I just do a make distclean at the sources. If it doesn't work try to a git reset --hard and it should be fixed.

Thanks everyone

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