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I am building a validation framework that wants to store field names and validations against those field names in a DB table.

What I wanted to do was, given the table name (as string), use reflection to instantiate the get method for specific fields (defined as properties with Get and Set methods.

And example of a get/set pair in one record wrapper.

'---------Get/Set (for field: VC60 

Public Property VC60() As String

        Return _VC60
    End Get

    Set(ByVal value As String)
        _VC60 = value
    End Set

End Property

I can use

    Dim t As Type = GetType(DB_TableName)

To get the type and use t.GetMembers to get the methods,

but the peice I am missing is how to get the type of the class given the string name of the class.

This is a console application producing a .exe using visual Basic 2008

I have tried accessing a assembly reference with System.Activator.CreateInstance without success.

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GetType can accept a string as an argument for the type name. Ensure you're passing a namespace-qualified type name into your GetType method and have that assembly available in your project. Otherwise, you'll just get a null return value.

MSDN: GetType Method (String)

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If the type is in mscorlib, you can call Type.GetType(someString).

Otherwise, you'll need to find the Assembly instance for the type and call its GetType(string) method.

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