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How can I add columns programatically to a listview?

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Set the listView.View as such:

GridView myGridView = new GridView();
myGridView.AllowsColumnReorder = true; 
myGridView.ColumnHeaderToolTip = "Employee Information";

GridViewColumn gvc1 = new GridViewColumn();
gvc1.DisplayMemberBinding = new Binding("FirstName");
gvc1.Header = "FirstName";
gvc1.Width = 100;
GridViewColumn gvc2 = new GridViewColumn();
gvc2.DisplayMemberBinding = new Binding("LastName");
gvc2.Header = "Last Name";
gvc2.Width = 100;
GridViewColumn gvc3 = new GridViewColumn();
gvc3.DisplayMemberBinding = new Binding("EmployeeNumber");
gvc3.Header = "Employee No.";
gvc3.Width = 100;

listView.View = myGridView;
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where can i find complete example about adding Col data also.this code only adds (First Name,Last Name,Employee No.) headers...i need data also please ? –  ashraf mohammed Feb 16 at 12:11

You can try this;

GridView _gridView = new GridView();
    new GridViewColumn 
        DisplayMemberBinding = new Binding("columnTitle"), 
        Header = "columnHeader", 
        Width = double.NaN 
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