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I'm currently writing a program to create a gui for an airline booking system. At the moment I'm testing if two lists have anything in common, using Collections.disjoint(list1,list2), this does work, but only if I fill some of the second list before i run the program. Basically there is a gui which asks for a surname,

surname = surnameField.getText();


found = pracObj.disjoint();

I store the data in the practice class:

import java.util.*;
public class Practice {

  List <String> list = new LinkedList<String>();    
  ArrayList<String> list2 = new ArrayList<String>();    

  private int temp;
  private String element;
  private int index;

  public Practice(){ }

  public void add1(String surname){
    System.out.println("list1 = " + list);
  public void add2(){
   //System.out.println("list222 = " + list2);  
  public boolean disjoint(){
    boolean found = Collections.disjoint(list,list2);
    if(found == false)
           System.out.println("They must have elements in common!!");
        System.out.println("They do NOT have elements in common");
    return found;  

I then use found to branch off to two possible screens-

  • Customer found-which will print all their details
  • Create new customer- if customer isnt found

    if(found == false){
      CustomerFoundDetails cdetails = new CustomerFoundDetails();
    else // if(found == true)
      CustomerCreateDetails createC = new CustomerCreateDetails();

(Ive edited some of the details out)

But if i create a new customer and then go back to the enter surname page and enter the surname from the customer I just created its not found?Even though i just entered it! Heres the code to create new customer -

String surname = surnameField.getText();
String forename = forenameField.getText();
String id = idField.getText(); 
String houseNum = houseNumField.getText(); 
String street = streetField.getText(); 
String town = townField.getText(); 
String county = countyField.getText(); 
String dob = dobField.getText(); 
String postcode = postcodeField.getText();


If anyone has any idea why its not working that would be great! Thanks alot

Edit: JustinKSU- Ye I thought it could be something along those lines, as I'm using a new frame for every screen of the GUI, so maybe I am using different instances,how would I fix that problem though?Thanks for any help!

Edit: If anyone has a problem with this in the future- JustinKSU was right- I had two different instances-make sure onnly one object is created from a class.

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I noticed an extra '}' after your if. I doubt that is your issue, but you might want to update the example code if it is not. –  JustinKSU Dec 30 '11 at 19:17
Are you sure you are working with the same pracObject and not two different instances? –  JustinKSU Dec 30 '11 at 19:18
if (found) you println ("They do NOT have elements in common"). That's suspicious too. –  user unknown Dec 30 '11 at 20:14

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