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Possible Duplicate:
How should I choose an authentication library for CodeIgniter?

What is the best library for User Registration / Authentication / Management for CodeIgniter 2.1.0?


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Check out this great thread: stackoverflow.com/questions/346980/… – phirschybar Dec 30 '11 at 20:27
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Tank Auth and IonAuth are both great for all of the above in my opinion. Each has their own pros and cons. Most notably for you will be the documentation. IonAuth is heavily documented, and well commented throughout. Tank Auth is lightly documented, and is very well commented throughout. I personally prefer IonAuth, and have used it in several projects. If you want some additional modifications to make it even easier to work with, then check out this article here.

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In my opinion IonAuth for user registration and authentification and Zend_Acl for authorization (Access Control List).

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Thats your choice dude, If you take an ORM approach neither IONAuth nor TANK will suffice. Choose a database structure throughout your project's then decide, If that means a custom Auth lib, then so be it....

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I hear what @Phillip is saying; if Tank Auth & IonAuth are bound to the native CI Active Record system, that's a bit of a shame. Need to dig in a bit, but really looking for something that offers some interfaces and controllers whereby an implementation via Propel or some other ORM was straightforward. – quickshiftin Sep 19 '12 at 18:08

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