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I read on ICanHaz.js documentation that i should load templates from a remote like this

$.getJSON('/myserver/templates.json', function (templates) {
    $.each(templates, function (template) {
        ich.addTemplate(template.name, template.template);

I have no idea how the json template should look like, would really appreciate an example ICanHaz.js json template.


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I belive it's an array of objects with structure: {name:'bla/bla/bla', template: 'template string <%= whatever %>'}, that maybe you dynamically create by reading a directory tree of templates. –  clyfe Dec 30 '11 at 18:06
oh yes ofcourse, im so dumb! Thanks for helping. –  Ludvig Dec 30 '11 at 18:20

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To save some time on debugging $.each requires two arguments to the callback function: iterator and actual object

$.getJSON('/myserver/templates.json', function (templates) {        
    $.each(templates, function (id, template) {
        ich.addTemplate(template.name, template.template);

Of course you must remember to set promise since these templates are loaded in async mode.

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