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I like the presentation that the "WordPress Audio Plugin" makes for playing audio content for blogs, etc.: enter image description here

(Example: http://maestric.com/shared/jquery_audio_player/example3.html)

However this is a Flash based player and obviously does not work well for iOS devices. Is there a version or something exceptionally similar written purely for HTML5 / JS? I'm hoping to accomplish the same style of playing and compact presentation where it starts compacted and then expands out like this upon play.

A JPlayer theme may be perfect for this, but I'm not really seeing a solution after a lot of digging about.

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Loo into jPlayer or Speakker. You can always build your own too.

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Still have not found a solution to this one matching my spec initially stated, but this is a bit closer: http://www.brianhadaway.com/html5-audio-player-with-flash-fallback/

Will accept a good answer once one's posted, but for now this is more inline with what I'm hunting for.

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