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I tried to work according to this instructions:

" Download php_apc-3.1-svn20101116-5.3-vc6-x86.zip (Direct link : http://downloads.php.net/pierre/php_apc-3.1-svn20101116-5.3-vc6-x86.zip) Copy php_apc.dll to C:\xampp\php\ext Open php.ini (C:\xampp\php\php.ini) Find the extension list (extension=) and add extension=php_apc.dll Restart apache

apc.enabled = 1
apc.shm_segments = 1
apc.shm_size = 64
apc.max_file_size = 10M
apc.stat = 1

After that, I downloaded this files: http://www.johnboy.com/php-upload-progress-bar/

But the problem is that no matter which size of file I upload, it doesn't show any progress and after half second it says "Your file has been uploaded.", even if I upload 8MB file :\

by the way: I have PHP version: 5.3.5

thanks in advance,


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If you have Xampp version 1.8.1, this link may help. http://mazicr.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/installing-apc-for-xampp-1-8-1-windows/

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Are you including YUI code also? It is required to show the progress bar.

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If you have XAMPP v1.77 with PHP version 5.3.8. Have a look at my comment on http://serverfault.com/a/407436/128197. Hope this helps :)

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The link is broken :( –  koneX Mar 3 at 14:29

Your apc file is missing the apc.rfc1867 variable, which is 0 by default. In order to enable APC progress bars, this must be 1.


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Should I add this line: "apc.rfc1867 = 1" in php.ini? because if not, i dont really sure what I supposed to do. –  user1123379 Dec 30 '11 at 18:44
Yes, just add that line to your apc.ini, restart apache. It seems like your example file is configured to work with the apc defaults. –  Chris Henry Dec 30 '11 at 20:13
I have no "apc.ini", But I added apc.rfc1867 = 1 to php.ini and it still doing this error :\ by the way, may i get your skype/messneger? i wanna to talk with you continuous –  user1123379 Dec 30 '11 at 21:14

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