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I am familiar with the popular 960 Grid System setup and it's been very helpful - but I am looking for other popular/heavily-adopted solutions with the following abilities:

  • Larger base resolution (1280px rather than 1024px)?
  • Makes use of HTML5 semantic layout tags: ASIDE, NAV, etc.
  • Clean CSS: few "tricks/quirks" as possible... CSS3 would be a bonus.

Thank you.

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Not sure if many people are still using the 960px layout since many people are into responsive design now. Check out html5boilerplate, tutorial from tutsplus(html5/css3 starter), cssgrid, fluid base grid(targets any resolution). Not sure if those helped but should give you an idea. I would go with fluid or used one of these as a boilerplate for new projects.

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Twitter Bootstrap features a grid system as well. It is kind of based on the 960 one but you can also modify it to roll your own. And it has a bunch of other shiny features (including HTML 5 and CSS 3).

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Thanks for the quick reply. It looks pretty thick with features, a little too think honestly - I have no need for the pre-made controls, buttons, stylized tags... just want a clean layout system that works with HTML5 semantic tags. Also, I didn't see Bootstrap making much use of HTML5, just more DIVs and SPANs everywhere. Anything lighterweight? – one.beat.consumer Dec 30 '11 at 19:45
You can always use the CSS only. And no matter what Grid system you choose, it is just a grid system. Tt totally doesn't care if you apply it to HTML 5 elements or divs. – Daff Dec 30 '11 at 20:15
sure it does matter, if the CSS styles are designed to work for specific classes and id containers they are designed for elements that already possess certain properties. I'm still a noob with HTML5 but a HEADER or ASIDE container is different from a DIV or SPAN the style classes might product different/unpredictable results, right? – one.beat.consumer Dec 30 '11 at 20:32
Not really for the grids because they can be applied as a class to any element, e.g. the 960 grid uses things like .container_12 .grid_4 as the selector. These HTML 5 elements make a semantic difference, but it doesn't matter for CSS styling because they are just displayed as block elements like any div. – Daff Dec 30 '11 at 22:18

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