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I'm looking to do something like the following:

class Whatever {

    enum PhysicalObjectType {

And then a method that will retrieve a type based on the above code outside of the class. So lets say within another class I have an instance of Whatever and I call getType() on myWhateverInstance and do a comparison to determine what type it is, like so:

if( myWhateverInstance.getType() == STATIC_MISC_OBJECT ) {

}else ...

That however, is not working. Basically no matter how I try and resolve them, I cannot access any values within the enum outside of the class. What noob mistake am I making here? (Note the specific errors I'm getting are not declared in scope or XX is not a valid namespace or class, etc).

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Whatever::STATIC_MISC_OBJECT. Corrected. Using enum name is non-standard MS extention. –  Petr Budnik Dec 30 '11 at 19:05

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When accessing enumerators that are members of a class, you have to qualify their names with the class's name. So the enumerators are Whatever::STATIC_MISC_OBJECT and so forth.

This is only necessary when accessing the enumerator from outside of the class. From within the class's scope, you can simply use the base name.

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Thanks... duh, should have known. For some reasons when I first tried to access by qualifying with the class name, it gave me a compiler error which threw me off. Thanks :) –  Technik Empire Dec 30 '11 at 19:50

The enum is a member of the class, you need to qualify it with the class name (unless the code is part of a method of that same class):

if( myWhateverInstance.getType() == Whatever::STATIC_MISC_OBJECT ) {
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class C
  enum E
   EA, EB

C::E en = C::EA;
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