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set -o vi-tabcomplete is turning on tab autocomplete


set -o emacs is turning on history ( up for previous command, down for next command )

But, if I set both in ~/.kshrc, it is turning on only one which is emacs(history) and I am not able to turn on tab autocomplete. Am I missing something?

set -o vi-tabcomplete
set -o emacs

Did the following

set -o emacs

Esc, Ctrl V -- This gave me 
$ Version AJM 93t+ 2010-02-02

Also tried doing

$ set -o emacs
$ bind "^I=complete"
ksh: bind: not found [No such file or directory]

Also put these things in .kshrc

set -o emacs
bind "^I=complete"

Now, the history alone is working, not tab complete.

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The options vi and emacs are mutually exclusive.

Check your ksh version and update your question, please:

set -o emacs 
Ctrl-V          # (yes, press control-v) this prints ksh version


set -o emacs
bind "^I=complete"      # tab completion

What I don't remember is whether you enter literally caret-I or control-I to get the correct bind.

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I tried doing "bind ^I=complete" but doesn't work. Failed with error saying bind: not found. I'm using ksh88. Thanks for your help. – berto77 Jun 20 '12 at 21:26
Too bad, ksh88 doesn't have this functionality. For this reason I try to avoid it at all costs. If I need to use it, I would set -o vi and use Esc-\ and Esc-= key sequences (that is, escape-backslash and escape-equal). – kubanczyk Jun 21 '12 at 12:56

This worked for me

Type in ~/.environ.ksh the following

set -o tabcomplete  # Auto Tab complete
set -o emacs        # History
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