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i've successfully integrated an applet (with an external jar) into a web applet and deployed locally with Netbeans that automatically runs Tomcat. (i've followed this tutorial , so in Netbeans i have 2 project: an applet project and a web application project that link that include the applet).

Now, how can put my web application (that link the applet) directly into a remote Tomcat? I've seen my generated war but it doesn't include the applet jar and external library jar.

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For the web application, the jar of the applet is just a static file that must be served over HTTP by the app, just like a CSS, image, HTML or JS file. Just put the jar anywhere you want in the webapp tree (i.e. in the war file), but not under WEB-INF (which is not accessible from the outside).

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How about external jars beside project jar? Where should we place it? –  sakura Jul 31 '14 at 4:34

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