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i have a sample str1 "14 girls" str2 "178 guys"

i tried the following in chrome console to extract the numbers 12 and 178, could anyone please tell me what went wrong?

str.match(/^\d{2}$/)  to get the number of girls i.e. `14`


What would be an easy way to get the numbers?

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If it's guaranteed that the numbers will always be at the start of the string, just use:

var n = parseInt(s, 10);

The parseInt() function will stop parsing at the first non-numeric character.

The reason your regular expressions didn't work is because you finished them with $ - meaning that they would only match if the entire string was a two digit number.

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i think will be better:


This will give you an array of all numbers with float in it.

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This is what I use:

var pattern=/[0-9]+/;


var str='123abc';
//var str='abc123';
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