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I have a requirement in Crystal reports 2008, wherein I need to create formula that filters all the records that have StartTime 12:00 AM. I have a table called Trip and a field called StartTime in that. How do I write a formula that if Trip.StartTime is "12:00 AM", do not print anything. StartTime is a datetime field.

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In your SQL, you can do:

    cast(StartDate as time) > '00:00:00'
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No, but I want to create a formula in Crystal reports that does the work. Something like if({Trip.StartTime}) is "12:00 AM" then return empty string. But I do not know how to write an actual formula that does that job. – developer Dec 30 '11 at 21:06
if cTime({Trip.StartTime}) = cTime(00, 00, 00) then
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