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I am implementing an iOS app for a customer and i want to include a Evernote sync function to store some information as notes on the users Evernote account.

The goal would be to create a notebook (if it doesnt exist yet) on the users Evernote account, and store some notes there/ read the existing notes to update the contents on my app.

I downloaded the newest Evernote SDK (1.20) from the developers site and tried to start playing with it. What i did:

  • Imported cocoa/src/edam & cocoa/src/thrift folders in a new group of my xcode project.
  • Set the -fno-objc-arc compilation Flag on all those files to avoid getting ARC related errors.
  • Imported the Evernote.m/Evernote.h files to try to start using their functions. Just to go step by step.

But as soon as i try to compile the App get tons of errors mostly coming from the edam/Types.h file. I attach you 2 screenshots for clarity.

Screen1 Screen2

Has somebody had the same problems? Has somebody integrated Evernote in his/her iOS App?

Thanks for your time and help!

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You've bumped into some ARC-incompatibilities in our SDK. There's an unreleased patch for the Thrift Objective-C code generator and runtime that claims to make a single codebase that works with both ARC and non-ARC projects. I made a version of our Obj-C wrappers using the patched generator; you can download it from http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/api/evernote-objc-arc-test.zip. Replace the cocoa/src directory of our SDK with the contents of the ZIP, remove the -fno-objc-arc flags from your project, and let me know how it goes. I can't vouch for this code yet, so don't deploy it in a production app. We'll try to finalize this next week.

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Hi Seth, Thanks a lot for your quick answer and support. The code you provided seem to work perfectly, i imported it on my project and tested it to upload a note to my sandbox account, everything worked well since i could see the note through the web interface. I hope you guys make this code officially available so we can use it in our production apps. Thanks again and happy new year. –  Alex Corbi Jan 2 '12 at 18:14

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